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Slow Internet Connection Help

Everyday millions of people spend time surfing the internet for a variety of different reasons. However, there will be times when we find that we have a slow internet connection and as a result find ourselves becoming very frustrated.

slow internet connection help

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There are various reasons why the internet connection you have, whether it is at home or work, is running slower than considered normal. Below we take a look at just some of these reasons.

Reason 1 – Broadband Settings

If your broadband router settings have not be configured in the correct way then this may well be the reason why your internet is not running at its optimum speeds. When initially installing any new router make sure that the setting are consistent with not just the manufacturers but also those of your ISP (Internet Service Providers). If you do make any changes to the configuration of your router then keep a record of these so if they need to be undone at a later date you can do so quickly and easily.

Reason 2 – Interference to the Wireless Signal

It is important that your PC and router are able to send and receive signals without any problem. Just placing an object in front of the wireless aerial on your laptop or PC can affect the internet connection. Plus another reason why you have a slow internet connection is that other appliances in your home when turned on interfere with it. If you want to avoid this type of problem then you should place the router in a new position and also look at changing the WiFi Channel number you use currently.

Reason 3 – Malicious Software Programs

These normally effect your internet connection when you download without realizing it after opening an attachment in an email you receive. Should any PC or laptop you are using become infected which such programs then they generate network traffic spontaneously without you even knowing that it is happening. Through running an antivirus software program regularly or installing registry cleaning products can help you to avoid these types of problems in the future.

Save Time: We recommend a Test for computer errors. The scan will cost you nothing and will tell you the condition of your computer. Just click below – for the FREE SCAN slowDepending on the amount of errors found you will have to decide if you need to purchase and run the software. Registry software is a good thing to have on your computer in the future as well to keep it running fast and smooth. These problems may very well reappear if you don’t.

Reason 4 – Network Equipment Is Faulty

Just a small chink in your router cables can actually result in you having a slow internet connection. If you do begin to suspect that the problem with your internet connection is as a result of faulty equipment then it is worth carrying out a number of tests by replacing parts of the equipment. Begin with the cables and then move on to the actual router.

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If Your Computer Runs Slow Your Internet Will Be Slow

Below is an interesting article by J. Leger about causes for computers to be slow:

Wasn’t it great when you first unpacked your new laptop or PC and it ran wonderfully fast? However, after owning the machine for several months you have seen a decline in the way that it is now performing. Well there are many reasons for why a computer runs slow and below we take a look at some of these.

1 – Browser Hijacks

Unfortunately it is quite a common occurrence for others to hijack your web browser. Those that do will often plug something in or replace part of it with something else. So of course as a result your internet service becomes compromised and you will find that this in turn results in the speed at which your computer runs to be much slower than normal. The problem with this is that in many cases a lot of people don’t realize that the hijacking has occurred and so that their settings have been changed.

2 – Spy-ware Installed

This is the second more common reason why a computer runs slow. Again you will unintentionally install these programs without realizing it. Most times the spyware becomes installed when you are installing one of the free applications that you want to try out or when you visit certain websites and these programs will be automatically pushed on to your PC or Laptop.

It is quite a simple task to actually remove and also prevent such programs from infecting and making your computer slow. You can install some anti spyware and also install a registry cleaning product.

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3 – Start Up Of Your PC or Laptop Is Overloaded

This problem occurs when you add too many applications to your machine that automatically place them in your start up folder. Plus in many cases they are also capable of being added to other areas of your start up system that are hidden from you. If allowed to continue then there is a chance that these applications can cause your machine to freeze completely. However by limiting the number of applications that load as you start your PC or laptop up can help to not only speed up the boot up time but the machines overall performance.

As we mentioned above there are certain programs that you can install on your PC or laptop that can help reduce the chances of it running slowly. One program that many are finding very effective to correct a “computer runs slow” problem is to install a registry cleaning program. These programs work on removing information that is actually redundant in various registries on your machine.

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Slow Internet Thoughts

Something else to think about when it comes to slow internet issues:

The office I used to work in had your typical network set up. And it was set up by a professional tech guy that I was told was real good. There were times that he really came through for us on some pretty sticky issues with our computers and the network, so I do think he was good. But the problem was us having too many problems with slow internet connections, or at least that is what everyone thought.

We had our ISP check us out two or three times and each time they said we were good on their end.. the problem was our network. Well to make this short, our wireless router was not capable of handling more than 4 computers at one time, of course depending on the type of work each computer was doing. And that was the problem. We could not narrow down the problem because it only happened when everyone (usually 4 or 5 computers) were doing work that involved the internet. Only then did it show up.

Anyway this type of issue is easy. Wireless routers are not created equal. It seems there were thousands of dollars put into this network and probably only a hundred dollars more spent on a better router would have eliminated our problem and the cost of many unproductive work hours. I forget the levels ratings for routers now, but check with your tech or provider. It’s the little things that get us sometimes, huh?

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Slow Running Computer

A little personal slow running computer experience, by Jay Leger:

I spent a great deal of time investigating my internet connection and my internet speed problem before I came to the conclusion that it was not my ISP’s issue but that my computer was at fault. Two problems – DSL and a slow computer.

What made this decision more difficult was that I seemed to have more problems when it had rained and the ground was very wet. My DSL cable comes into the property underground. And it never seemed to fail that after a big rain our service was out completely or very slow. What I found was that this issue only made my situation worse, but was not the ultimate culprit.

The Internet Service Provider decided that they did have a problem and corrected it. I think it was at a “box” out by the road that was not water proof as it should have been and was in fact holding water after a hard rain. Now cables get wet of course all the time but, if I understand it right, the water became a conductor to a small extent between lines at the connection box.

But as I said this was only the problem when things were wet and I was having issues during dry spells – and we had certainly had a lot of very dry weather. It became obvious that my computer was not performing up to what it should be. One way of knowing this was that an other computer in the house, although older and less capacity, was doing OK.

After trying a new computer virus program and even a new mal-ware program and that not helping very much, I turned to the windows registry in my slow computer. The registry cleaner found over eight-hundred errors and corrected them.

Honestly, I still had a little issue with slow start-up (that I later corrected) but the registry cleaning really helped. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

Hope this helps.

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